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Custom Dirt Bike Wheels

Custom KTM powder coated wheel      If you are like me, you want a set of durable and cool looking Custom Wheels for your bike, but don't want to pay outrageous prices. This is what I came up with. Powder Coating the hubs, and or spokes, and maybe  even re-assembling your new custom wheels with new colored rims. This is a great way to customize your bike, and let it reflect you and save a lot of money in the process.
   I can also re-lace, true, and repair damaged wheels.
   How about truing them if they have a wobble (as long as they are not bent).

*Prices starting at $300.
  • Send me your wheels
  • Pick your choice of rims (If not bent, we can re-use your rims if you want)
  • Dismantle wheels
  • Prep and powder coat hubs
  • If needed, replace spokes (Powder coat spokes or leave alone)
  • All new bearings and seals
  • Re-lace and re-assemble wheels (Any way you want)  
  • Return ship to you (actual costs, no handling fees)
*Prices will vary depending on what rims you choose, color of powder, what type of spokes.

     Wheel Lacing          $75./ wheel
     Wheel Truing          $45.
/ wheel

      You can click on the Tucker Rocky or WPS link on the Home Page to browse the catalog for current prices on wheel parts. Remember to take 10% off of the listed price.
Rim Choices
  • Excel A60 - Black
  • D.I.D. Dirt Star - Black
  • Excel Takagaso (Your color choice)
  • Pro Wheel (Your color choice)
     * Prices vary by manufacturer and model bike. Call or email for prices. (Must include what type of rim, color, and model of bike)

Spoke Choices
  • Excel
  • Bull Dog
  • Pro Wheel
  • OEM (A little longer to get)

Black, orange-spokes,hub,volant rim    Call or Email for price quotes on Custom Wheel sets, there are too many variables to set flat prices. All shipping rates are actual, no handling fees. All contact information can be found on About Us page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about your new Custom Wheels.
    Drop me an Email if you have any comments on how to improve this site.
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